OpenHierarchy 1.2.8

OpenHierarchy includes an amount of standard modules. Certain modules has its own java project and is not bundled with core framework by default. These module are located in the modules directory in the respository. Choose which project you want to show javadoc for.

Project Description Javadoc
Core Framework The core of the OpenHierarchy framework including over hundred foreground, background and filter modules. Link
Forum   N/A
LuceneSearch   N/A
MinimalUser   N/A
PersistingSMSSender   N/A
RemoteEventHandler   N/A
SAMLLoginProvider An SAML 2.0 based Service Provider used to exchanging authentication and authorization data using SAML standard. Link
SimpleSAMLUserAdapter   N/A
SiteProfile   N/A
WSModule   N/A


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